EDDA – Administrative database

EDDA (Engineering Department Database for Administration) is the Department’s main administrative database of people, and includes all those working in the Department: staff; undergraduate and postgraduate students; visitors (other than very short-term); and embedded researchers. Almost all the Department’s people-related administrative processes depend on the data in EDDA, e.g. new arrivals, departures, undergraduate and postgraduate registration, access to buildings, issuing of computer accounts and e-mail identities, etc.

EDDA shares data with other databases in the Department and across the University, e.g. CHRIS and CamSIS, the University Card Office, and the Computing Service. Where possible, each item of data has one authoritative source, and other systems simply take copies. Processes are in place to maintain consistency across the different systems.

How is the data used?

The data is also used to create lists and directories:

  • Staff and student directories available on the web for internal and external use; LDAP and ‘finger’ directories for use in e-mail programs and on the Teaching System
  • The Departmental directory on telephones

Access to EDDA

The Departmental administrative offices use dedicated interfaces to access and maintain EDDA data for their work in the Department – teaching, research, and HR.

Divisional offices and computing staff can download lists of members of their Divisions, expected postgraduates and other data.

Keeping EDDA up-to-date

If you are aware of any data in EDDA that is incorrect or out-of-date, please contact edda-updates@eng.cam.ac.uk . Messages sent to that address will go to the Departmental administrators, who will be able to update EDDA.